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About Us


Beginning its operations in 1996 as a Family Owned Land Development company, Today SHIVAM DEVELOPERS is one of the leading Property Development and Construction Group in South Gujarat. We remain one of the largest and most prominent in this region to this day.

Concrete Building

Our Story

Our growth is built upon two decades of Enterprising Foresight, Strong Leadership, Deep Market Knowledge and Hands-On Construction Experience.

OUR initial success came from the intelligent approach we took by creating Innovative and Cutting Edge Designs. We continue with that approach today, bolstered by our commitment to honesty, transparency, delivery and support, which makes us a Brand to rely upon. Our Engineers and Team focuses on Excellence to ensure your home is built to stand the test of time.


Late Shri Shailesh Vashi

With vast technical experience and knowledge, our guide and mentor Late Shailesh Ji have made our Land Development Company to the industry leader that Shivam is today. During his time, he managed all the major aspects of the company including Administration. He is the Spirit behind our company’s success.



Puranjay Vashi

A committed philanthropist with a Dynamic Persona Mr. Puranjay is one of the co-founders of our Company. Under his Guidance, Shivam has grown to be one of the largest private development and construction company in South Gujarat. Mr. Puranjay looks after and handles the key areas of Human Resources, Purchase and administration. He enthusiastically engages himself in religious and social activities too. Shivam benefits from its analytical, client- focused approach to business.


Miraj Vashi

Young, Multi-talented and a holder of master’s degree in Management Mr. Miraj is well regarded for his strong financial knowledge, analytical skills and strategic thinking, as well as his ability to negotiate and deliver successful commercial outcomes in challenging business environments. He handles areas covering Technical Aspects, Financial Matters, Business Development, Quality Control and Strategic planning for the company.


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